Tuesday, November 20, 2018

How to Cook a Turkey!

First you hunt for the turkey. Next pluck the feathers.  Then take the hear out.  Last put the turkey in the oven.

First I will go outside to shoot a turkey in my field.  I shot one and I ran down the hill and I grabbed the turkey.  Then I ran back up the hill and I went inside and I plucked it and washed the turkey and last I put it in the oven and 5 minutes and 10 seconds.

Go and ask our mom and dad for some money to buy a turkey.  By mom and dad I drive to walmart and get the turkey and I'm home.  I'm all ready to cook the turkey for 1 hour to warm the oven it is ready put it in the oven it is time to eat.

first, I buy the turkey.  Next I thaw it out.  Then I shove it into the microwave for one hour.  When it beeps I pull really hear because it got stuck in the door of the microwave.  I pulled so hard its legs fell off so I ate it.

Fist buy a turkey.  Buy a pot.  Next place the turkey into the pot.  Then turn the pot on. Then wait.  Last the turkey is done for eating it.

You get the turkey from the store.  You open it.  You put it into a pan.  You put it in the frig to sit over night.  You wake up on Thanksgiving.  You wash it.  You put it in the oven to cook it.  When it is done you cook the other food.\

You will hunt the turkey down. You will pluck the turkey feathers. you will cut the turkey skin.  You will clean the turkey.  You will dress the turkey in your clothes.  And last but not least you cook the turkey!

First you buy it.  Next you thaw the turkey.  Then you cook the turkey for ten degrees ten minutes.  Last you take it out of the oven then you let it cool down then you eat the turkey.

First I need to get the turkey.  Next I need to stuff the turkey.  Then I have to put the turkey in the stove.  Last we have to eat the turkey.

You get a turkey.  You let it thaw.  You cook it should put it on 105.  You stuff it.  You put salt on it.  You eat it.

First I will hunt a turkey.  Next I try to get the feathers off.  Next I will put in in the oven.  Last I will take it out of the oven and then eat with my family. 

I do not know if we cook a turkey because I have to clean my room.  I am going to ask the question.  Fist sometimes my mom buys a turkey or my dad goes hunting.

I buy a turkey. The I thaw it out.  I put stuffing in the turkey.  Then I cook the turkey for ten minutes.  Next I eat the turkey.  Happy Thanksgiving!

First, I am going to shoot a turkey.  Next I shave it then I will put it in the microwave.  Last I eat it.  I love to eat a turkey. 

One you catch it. Two you thaw it.  Three you cook it.  Four you put seasoning on it.  Five you eat it.

First you buy or hunt the turkey.  Next you stuff the turkey.  Then cook the turkey for 10 minutes. 

I have to shoot the turkey.  Pluck the feathers and then clean it.  Then cut its legs off.  Cut the stomach out. Put it in the oven for 40 degrees and 10 minutes.  Get a giant plate and put it on there and then eat it; but not he bone or else you teeth will fall out.

First you buy it then I start the oven on 10 minutes.  Then I star and wait if is 20.  Last I stuff it and eat it.

Spelling week November 26


1) Where in the world are those birds?
2) Were you the first girl to start a trip to the north pole?

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Thursday, November 1, 2018